The Wetzel Report: Crisis Communication

25 Sep 2017

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The Wetzel Report: Crisis Communication - a timely topic indeed!

Boy have there been a handful of crisis’ happening recently; just a few examples I can think of off the top of my head: NFL protests, Equifax data breach, and the two hurricanes. Each of these events have caught my attention in more ways than one but I have also been keeping a keen eye on how information has been communicated to the public.

Let’s look at the Equifax data breach, more specifically the phishing website that was tweeted via a link to the public. There are a handful of lessons to be learned from this:

On September 19th, Equifax Inc. tweeted a link for their followers to visit for enrollment into their protection program.





Turns out the fake website creator came forward about how easy and dangerous it is for these types of websites to be impersonated. Equifax did issue a statement on the fraudulent link having been deleted and The New York times reported on an apology that was made. But I think the most disconcerting is how long it took Equifax to realize it was sending people to a fake site.


Key takeaways:

-Keep it simple-create a subdomain of your main website rather than trying to get clever with a new domain.

-Double check your links that you’re sending out to the public!

-Get your social media, communications and marketing team all on the same page.

-Tweets are forever; a simple screenshot is all it takes.


Do you have your game plan in place for when a crisis strikes?


By Stephanie Wetzel, Spokane MarCom President