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23 Sep 2019

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Hi! I’m Morgan, your current MarCom President and it’s my honor today to tell you a little bit about the benefits of the Spokane Regional MarCom Association. Instead of giving you the sales pitch of why MarCom is a great investment for you and your organization, let me tell you the reasons that have lead me from being a student attending MarCom meetings, to being an active member of the MarCom board.

Value for Students
When I started with MarCom in college, it was a great way to meet people who, as a college student, I wouldn’t normally get the chance to interact with. Everyone was always so nice and taught me the value of networking. At MarCom breakfast meetings, I learned to get comfortable walking up and introducing myself and talking business with complete strangers. MarCom provided a safe place to come out of my shell. Everyone was so welcoming! Additionally, the educational breakfasts provided valuable insights into real-world marketing. The best part? It was affordable, even as a poor college kid.

Local Business Exposure
When I finally made it back to the Spokane marketing community as an adult, I found myself in a hard situation. Except for a few co-workers, most of my clients and contacts became national. MarCom provides me the opportunity to meet and engage with my marketing peers. You meet new people and learn new things at every breakfast! MarCom provides value to all marketers. Professionals who attend meetings range from being in the non-profit sector, business support, local service companies, national service agencies and entrepreneurs!

Business Education
MarCom has been a great professional experience, and I would recommend it to any local individual! Having been on the MarCom board, I can tell you first hand how thought out and vetted each breakfast speaker is. The board is made up of local marketing professionals ourselves, and we only pick speakers we’d want to learn from. Additionally, the board works to make sure all members of our audience would find value in the presentation, no matter your industry or leadership level. Marketing is a broad profession and we want to make sure no one is left out.

Supports Local Talent Growth
Additionally, I’ve grown to appreciate the value of our internship-scholarship program. As an employer, finding local quality talent who wants to work in Spokane after graduation is hard. The experience and Spokane-loyalty that MarCom provides young marketers is invaluable. We recommend all local businesses apply for a MarCom intern! You could be introduced to your next new rising star without the recruitment leg work. Don’t stress if you don’t get an intern, the great news is they’re often on the job market after graduation and the MarCom Board makes sure every intern has potential to be our next new local leader in the space.

To summarize? MarCom has been a great professional experience, and I would recommend it to any local individual! If it’s time to renew your MarCom membership, you are welcome to sign up for your 2019-2020 membership at our upcoming October breakfast meeting. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me. My email is We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting!

By Morgan Mittie, Spokane MarCom President 2019 - 2020