MarCom Mumblings | The Power of Stretching

19 Nov 2020

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I’d recently listened to a podcast episode of Unlocking Us, with featured guest Scott Sonenshein, author of the book Stretch. The main idea behind the philosophy of stretching is to maintain resourcefulness - using what you already have to solve a problem, make personal gains, or even be creative.

Sinking into the creativity aspect of this mentality, stretching allows us to consider our existing resources in different ways. So perhaps in an environment of large abundance, each item or tool only has one use, but in reverse, when we are in a constrained environment, just one tool can fit the need of multiple purposes. Mr. Sonenshein goes on to explain little c-creativity, which I found particularly applicable in any real-world work and life environment. “...this is the engine that allows us to solve problems, whether it be around the pandemic, or racial justice, or day-to-day problems in our work life. It’s this little-c creativity that we get this license, this permission slip to unlock once we embrace this stretchy mindset. So, the research currently shows constraints make us more creative, and I think that’s why they have the cliché that necessity is the mother of invention.” (Source: Unlocking Us transcript)

Little c-creativity allows us to solve problems, and if there’s anything the last few months have taught it’s just that - small solutions lead to big impact. A little ingenuity can go a long way. Applying this to a marketer or communication situation, using the tools or resources we already have - whether leaning into learning a program that you’ve been resisting (but proves to be a time saver after you devote the time), tapping into the knowledge base of your peers, or simply asking your network on LinkedIn can have huge ripple effects. I catch myself always thinking bigger capital C-creative, but the reality is in most cases, micro moments of creativity lead to much larger impacts.

Now, what’s keeping you from stretching your little c-creativity?


By Kat Traczyk, Spokane MarCom Sponsorship Chair