MarCom Mumblings: Social Holidays

16 Nov 2017

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Maximizing Your Social Content Over The Holidays

Whether or not you sell consumer goods, the holiday season is a great time to engage with your fans where they’re at - online! The holidays are often about shopping and socializing which means that many people turn to social media for gift ideas and engaging with (or let’s face it, sometimes we just look in on) our family and friends. As you carefully plan your holiday content, consider these tips to make your campaigns rise above the rest:

Know your fans

Who are they people who follow your brand and what is important to them over the holidays? Use the analytics portion of your social platforms to learn anything and everything you can about your consumers. From there, speak to them directly every time you plan a post. Only you know what your fans want to hear!  

Don’t always sell a product

Tis’ the season of giving. The holiday season reminds many people that it’s important to get involved in their community. Does your organization stand behind a movement or philanthropic cause? Create loyalty for your brand by asking your fans to get involved with the same cause as your organization or share with them some awesome good you’ve been doing. Just be careful not to come across like you’re only involved in charity to sell a product. Be genuine. Show your followers that your organization isn’t just about making money, but that you also make a difference in the world.

Ask yourself, will this post add value to a follower’s day?

Don’t just provide information about your product or service. Every time you post on social media, consider the consumer. Why is this post important to my fans and what timely value will it provide? If you sell a consumer good, provide a discount or educate them on ways to use said good over the holidays. If you provide a service, let people know you’re the expert in a field by giving them a tip to make it through the season.

Meltwater does a great job of this by providing beneficial content on their blog that is not about the product they sell, but provides helpful information to their readers while proving they’re a subject matter expert.

Is your content the best it can be? Plan before you post

Stop. Think. Edit. Don’t just post on social for the purpose of posting. Consider what is timely and beneficial for your unique following. Post something well prepared, timely and relevant. Don’t worry, if you can’t think of anything, you can always just post a cat video!

By Morgan Mittie