MarCom Mumblings | Reanalyze Your 2020 Budget

22 Jan 2020

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January has almost passed and 2020 is off to a fast start! Have you taken time to reanalyze this year’s budget? Reviewing your strategies and plans is important throughout the year and even more so at the beginning of it.

Whether your year starts on January 1 st or another date, reevaluating and adjusting to meet your member and customer needs is important. Budgets are drafted way in advance of the approval deadline and goals can change over time. It’s always better to be prepared for shifts in your market or overall industry to make sure you are a frontline force to be reckoned with when that shift occurs.

Listen to your members and customers and adjust your budget accordingly to capture the low hanging fruit. They might even provide feedback for grander plans you may have overlooked. A budget is a budget, but if you can move allocated dollars from one bucket to the other, you could see ROI in places you didn’t consider.

By Clint Zitterkopf, Spokane MarCom Spark Award Chair