MarCom Mumblings | Happy Halloweekend everyone!

30 Oct 2020

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As professional marketers, consumers, and real humans (or perhaps, monsters) living in beautiful Spokane Washington, there is no doubt that Q4 of the fiscal year is VERY different than years past. Everywhere I turn, articles are coming out stating this will be a record spending year for holiday sales and that consumers will holiday shop earlier in the year… NOW!

Prime Day has passed, Halloween Weekend, Election Week and the huge weight of November and December sales are going to be relentless. As marketers, the question of how to stand out in a digital world is daunting, no matter what product or service you’re marketing. We can’t get that “in-person” inspiration that normally inspires us, and everyone is doing the best they can.

For this month’s mumblings, I wanted to share my personal experiences on how to find professional inspiration when I’m living the Work-From-Home life as an extrovert. I miss MarCom breakfasts, conferences, HUGGING professional friends and meeting up for team off-sites. I really do. I find human interactions critical to inspire me at work… though, if I’m being honest, not having to put on slacks and heels is a WONDERFUL benefit to the WFH life. I do have three go-to tips however, that have kept me inspired during these dark and spooky times:

  • Limit your news intake before work. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve started my day reading the paper, watching the news, or diving into a rabbit hole of political or COVID-19 conspiracies. I start the day depressed and my motivation level when leading my team remote is... not great. It’s important to know what’s happening in the world, but try to just do a high level scan for major news before work. Instead, try diving into positive news like consumer trends within your industry and marketing success stories from other brands within your space.
  • If a spooky skit video brings you joy, take a 5-minute break and watch something silly. Don’t forget about emotional breaks during your work day! Replace “water cooler talk” with a short break to reset your brain. Watch a cat video, walk around the block, or throw the ball for your dog for five minutes. A refreshing break can make your next chunk of work time much more productive!
  • Dress up! I’ll be honest with you, yoga pants are the new dress code around my house. I have my work-pants and my lounge / sleep pants. Spoiler: they’re very similar. However, I still always put on a nice work shirt, do my hair and recently I’ve taken to wearing lipstick during work hours. I might be comfy at home, but I still feel great about having a professional look on conference calls. Find what makes you feel great, and be sure to add that routine into your day!

Finally…. Today’s the day to wear your tiger ears on calls! DO IT. Have fun, enjoy the season, and please don’t feel bad about eating a few extra pieces of candy this weekend. It’s been a rough year, and a little joy can go a long way! (This article is not sponsored or endorsed by any Halloween candy companies.)

By Morgan Mittie, Spokane MarCom Past President