MarCom Mumblings | End of Year Marketing Planning

21 Nov 2019

Posted under Recent Mumblings

While 2019 seems to be rushing to a close, it’s never too late to get a marketing strategy set up for success for the new year.

The end of the year is a good time to do an audit of your marketing from 2019 in order to plan for the year ahead. Understanding your content and what worked for you in the previous year can save you a lot of time and money. Take a look at your social media analytics. You can see what your followers interact with the most and set up plans that feed off similar content.

As you look ahead, make sure you have clear objectives. What are your goals? It’s hard to reach a goal when you don’t know what it is. After getting a clear picture of where you are heading, take a look at trends within your industry. Things change in every field and what may have gotten a company to a certain goal 5 years ago could be obsolete today.

Finally, don’t be afraid to refocus your brand! A new year is a great opportunity to make sure your audience is getting a true picture of you and your brand. You aren’t stuck with what you thought you were or used to be. It’s your brand, make it what you want it!

Make some time in the next few weeks to make a plan for success and Happy Holidays from Spokane MarCom!

By Maria Vigil, Spokane MarCom Co-Events Chair