March Mumblings | Internship Program

11 Mar 2021

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While this past year has proven to be quite a challenge, the added stress on Marketing and Communication students hasn’t stopped them from making the most of their education and opportunities.

Even with the challenges of COVID-19, we’ve witnessed a growing interest of students applying to the MarCom Internship Program, ready and willing to put their newly developed skills and knowledge to the test.

And it’s the great businesses and organizations of the Spokane Community we have to thank for opening their doors to students, so that they can continue to refine their skills within a safe and supportive environment.

So why host? Or why apply for an internship? In this month’s Mumblings we will look at the benefits of an internship and how hosts and students positively influence one another.

Host Benefits:

  • Fresh Perspectives and Support – As a professional in any industry, you can run out of steam or be “too close” to a project to think outside of the box. When you host an intern, you open up to a world of possibilities from a student with fresh ideas and inspiration. This can greatly increase the host organizations edge in the market.
  • Talent Acquisition – Hosting an intern gives an industry professional the opportunity to scout out talent. Finding new employees who would greatly impact their organization.
  • Reputability/Marketability – Host organizations who participate in internship programs give themselves an edge on their competition. It’s a way to advertise, build awareness and earn loyalty from upcoming professionals and their connections. Reputations can also be molded by internship opportunities because student’s have first-hand knowledge of a company’s integrity to the industry.

Student Benefits:

  • Valuable Work Experience - Student’s get to participate in a live environment where they can put their skills and knowledge into practice. They receive hand on experience and learn more about industry techniques and practices.
  • Explore a Career Path – When a student interns, they are receiving a valuable opportunity to explore their industry of interest and make a more informative choice in the pursuit of their career.
  • Makes Yourself More Marketable – Internship opportunities also give students an edge on other applicants who are competing for that coveted job opening.
  • Develop/Refine Skills – Internships give students an opportunity to grow, learn and develop themselves professionally - through the feedback they receive, the hands-on experience and the opportunity to question and learn from professionals within the industry.
  • Build Your Professional Network – When you begin an internship, you develop a personal connection to the organization, the professionals you work with and the industry. This in turn begins to build your network and can benefit you down the road when it comes to new employment opportunities or partnerships.
  • Smoother Transitions into Jobs – Many times an internship doesn’t just end, it opens up doors to new employment opportunities. The transition then from student life to professional is less stressful, quicker and smoother so you can move on to the next stage of your professional career.


As a past intern and the Chair of the MarCom Internship Program you could say I’m a little biased but it’s with that experience that I can confidently say internships are a wealth of opportunity and growth. So, if you find yourself at the end of this Mumblings and think “An intern would be a great resource in my organization” or “I want to jump in and get my feet wet before I graduate,” then I encourage you to apply for the Internship Program with MarCom!

By Crystalena Lightel, Spokane MarCom Internship Program Chair